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Pitcaithly Bannocks

1 lb (450g) butter
half lb (225g) castor sugar
2 lbs (900g) flour
4 oz finely chopped orange peel
4 oz chopped blanced almonds

Preheat oven to : (160C), (325F), Gas Mark 3
1) Sieve flour into a bowl
2) Lightly flour a pastry board, knead butter and sugar together
3) Gradually work in flour, orange peel and almonds
4) Knead until smooth
5) Wrap in grease proof paper and leave to stand overnight
6) Reknead the dough, divide into 2 pieces, roll out into a round
7) Pinch round edges with finger and thumbs
8) Bake on a cake tray in the oven for 40 minutes
9) Cool on a wire tray

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