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Scottish Salmon resting on savoy cabbage with a mushroom vinaigrette
By Jeff Bland, executive head chef of the Balmoral Hotel, Princess Street

Scottish Salmon resting on savoy cabbage with a mushroom vinaigrette

50g oyster or button mushrooms
150ml olive oil
1 glass white wine
50ml white wine vinegar
350g fillet of salmon, skin on and cut into 4 pieces
0.5 celtic (savoy) cabbage, shredded
Quarter onion, sliced
1 red pepper, sliced
1 plum tomato, skinned and diced
4 sprigs dill
Sea salt, to taste
Black pepper, to taste

For the mushroom vinaigrette
Warm half the olive oil with the white wine and vinegar, season and remove from heat. Place the mushrooms in the mixture. Allow to cool.
For the salmon
Brush the fillets with olive oil, season and place skin side up under a hot grill for about 3 minutes.
To finish the dish
Fry the onion and pepper until soft, season and increase the heat. Add the cabbage until cooked - but still crispy. Place the cabbage mixture in the centre of the dish. Top with the salmon, surround with diced tomato and mushroom vinaigrette. Use the dill to garnish.

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