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Fergus Highland Games, Ontario, Canada in 2005

Here are the pictures I took at the event...

After getting lost in Kitchener on the way through I finally got to the event and as I went through the gates into the event I met John MacMillan and his wife. John is on the board of the Scottish Studies Foundation in Toronto.

And I headed into the event looking for the clan village

And I found it and as I came in the entrance I found Keith Rattray who once again let me use his tent to deposit any goodies I picked up at the event :-)

Here are the clans that attended the event.  I decided the best way to let you see all the clan tents was to do a quick tour around them all and then I would take a few more later. However, as all the clans were away at the official opening ceremony I thought I'd take a few pictures of the event itself.

I didn't bother with pictures of all the vendors and pipe bands as once you've seen one lot they're all pretty much the same.

And so it was back to the clan village where they had a general genealogy tent where there were talks and music to enjoy

I wasn't aware there was a Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada so was interesting to learn more about them. Anyone that is a member can be represented by the society if they can't be there in person.  They have an information folder of all the clans they represent

And this is a list of the clans they represent

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