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The Story of the Life of MacKay of Uganda

THIS book is written especially for boys, in the hope that Mackayís example may lead many of them to think of Africa, and devote their lives to its moral and spiritual regeneration.

They will please to remember that, like Livingstone and Krapf, Mackay was a pioneer, and that every year in Africa the difficulties become less and the dangers fewer. In a little while willó

"The palpitating engines
Snort in steam across her acres."

Then missionaries and traders will be borne speedily away from the fever-stricken coast; over flooded rivers, the weary jungles and the waterless plains, right up to the noble lake, where a commodious and comfortable steamer will be available to transport them and their goods to any port they choose.

I desire to tender my thanks to Mr. Eugene Stock for his permission to incorporate in this book Bishop Tuckerís account of his visit to Uganda; also to record my obligation to the Rev. John Stewart, Edderton, N.B., for his trouble in collecting from old friends several incidents of my brotherís early life.

The whole of the matter in this volume is fresh, and is not found in the larger book, "Mackay of Uganda." If it confirm and increase the good already done by that volume, I shall be richly recompensed.


September, 1891.

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