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Aberdeen, Washington

Origin of the naming of the city of Aberdeen, Washington State, USA


Jean Brodie Stewart (Dec. 22, 1847- Feb. 6, 1934) was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. After marrying James B. Stewart (1840-1906), the two immigrated to America, arriving in the Grays Harbor area in September, 1875. There, James founded the James Stewart Logging Co., and the couple immediately associated themselves with the local notable class led by Aberdeen founder Samuel Benn. One of the prominent explanations of the naming of the city derives from Mrs. Stewart, who stated that she suggested the name of her birth city in a letter to a local paper, since the new city's placement at the mouths of the Chehalis and Wishkah mirrored Aberdeen's location at the Dee and the Don in Aberdeen, Scotland. In her later years, Mrs. Stewart remained active in Aberdeen civic life, serving as the Vice-President of the Pioneer Association of Grays Harbor County. She is also the author of A Little Book of Verse (1930).

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