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Stories and Poems For Children
by Donna Flood
To my Granddaughters

If you are generous and sweet
Folks might say you are less than discreet,
Be generous and sweet, anyway.

Maybe you will love art,
Some might say you aren’t smart.
Love art, anyway.

Will you be wishing for a passionate strain of music, an etude?
They may say not, instead, concern yourself with your family’s food.
Wish for the music, anyway.

Should you must go against the flow,
To practice the tried and true, what you know?
Go against the flow, anyway.

Do you wish to sew up your own designer dress?
And someone says, “It’s so different from the rest.”
Sew up your dress, anyway.

As you wish to confront your problems head-on,
When every one else is running away and gone,
Face your problems, anyway.

Can you see things that must be done,
While everyone else is having fun?
Do what must be done, anyway.

Remember when all is dark and gray,
Gramma forever loved you, then and today.
So too, love your own, anyway.

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