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Where are Chilocco Students Now?
Col. Tommy Mcfarlan, Chilocco graduate

I am only on line to pass on to those Chilocco Alumni and a few old friends of the passing of my brother-in-law Tom, married to my younger sister Carol close to 50 years. Carol was a student at Chilocco in the early 60s (believe 60 or 61) but only for 1 or 2 years. Tom was a graduate of Oklahoma State and went on to an extremely successful career in the US Army where he served two tours in Vietnam as well as many positions on different command staffs, retiring at Full Colonel. We practically grew up together in the service of our country, albeit in different branches. I will miss him. Len

As a further note, my shoulder surgery was delayed until 6 February (Monday) due to a water problem at the hospital requiring repair. I will still be off line after that date for a while.

Leonard Ross, class of '55

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