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Preservation Survey

I love the way this man described our day at Chilocco. I was the one to make the corn soup he comment about. Actually, I couldn't afford to buy that deli stuff that everyone else had. Corn soup will feed a regiment especially when it is served with frybread. ;-) 

Preservation Survey

At ChiloccoIndianSchool.

there was no red moon

or a lone rider on the horizon

or the sound of drums

only the shell of empty stone buildings

leaking their dreams

upon a blanket of fallen leaves

dry as old feathers


In the forenoon

through a field of dry cane

to the sheepshed I tracked

in its shade searching

beneath wood trusses with burlap

sheep covers hanging

pocked with lumpy nests of mud daubers

brown and shaggy as a buffalo robe

In early afternoon

the alumni served deli meats, cheese

and a grocery store cake

with defiant pots of homemade hominy

and corn soup

alone on a solitary table

as the husk of food from a distance


Arn Henderson

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