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Chilocco - Today and Yesterday

When you come to mind, all I ever see is the lovely, feminine Diva who softened our days away from home by singing your love songs and even a little of Broadway to us in that precious old auditorium.

Were you and I in the same operetta?  I was Sparky Miller, a stunt pilot and Novalina was the parisian coquette,Kiki Bon Bon, and my hero was Dare-Devil-Davis.  I remember Gaylon being one of the male chorus singing "Dancing in the Moonlight"  ...I remember something they sang like "Though our feet are trying, our sweet smiles are we don't care if we do...go dancing with you."

I can still sing almost the entire operetta Ms. Dyer so lovingly taught us, and especially find myself once in awhile singing the most beautiful melody in the show..."My heart cries for what lies in castles in the skies.  I'll stay with you and play if you'll help to make things bright and gay. My heart cries for what lies in castles in the sky...and I'll never censure what comes with adventure that fills my every day."  Remember that?  I'll just bet if you do, you'll be humming today.  Mike was in that operetta too, and Garland Kent, Nancy Tyner, Ramona Williams, Archie Stephenson (I think) Art Hill, and lots of other sweet sisters and brothers.

Good ol' Flodelle Dyer.
Hugs...Carole Anne

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