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Chilocco - Today and Yesterday
Johnny Tulsa

Just thought I'd write a few lines to let you know that Johnny Tulsa lost his wife on Tuesday, November 13th. I don't think his wife is a Chiloccoan alumni. She had suffered a long time with her health along with being blind. He took care of her and grandchildren plus worked when he could. Even ignoring his own health to provide for them. Don't forget to say a prayer for him also. I believe he would like that.

He is out of my class (1968). I thought I'd pass on the info and his address if any of you want to send him a few words of encouragement. I hope he doesn't mind me sending this out and sharing his address. He doesn't have an email address so any cards/letters will have to be sent by (snail) mail.

His address is:

Johnny Tulsa
13780 Hectorville Rd.
Mounds, OK 74047 

Thanks. Although we aren't living close to each other, I thank God we can still be in contact with each other thru email. We all are still family---Chilocco family. If you have any more addresses, please inform them,  if you can.

I love each of you with a Godly love and pray each day for all. Take care & God bless.


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