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By Donna Flood


An artist, starving or otherwise, will train themselves to be an opportunist, probably, out of necessity. Anyway, one might have quite an investment in materials if some common sense is not used.

These basic straw hats were given to me by a neighbor who had traded them for something or other. He is a bachelor and certainly did not need lady's straw hats. I took them and added bits of saved laces, silk flowers and ribbons.

Every time there is an art show and crafts exhibit I take them and hang them around the other things. So far, haven't sold one, but not to despair since they add a touch of color and whimsey to the displays. Meanwhile, we have fun with them here at the house where they hang about here and there, wherever we wish to lighten up a spot.

The little girls love to wear them out in the sun and it gives me an opportunity to tell them about my Grandmother Bell who insisted I always wear a hat in the sun so as not to have freckles and to have milk white skin rather than a heavy tanned look. We all have a good laugh when I show them my freckles and tan, "Sorry Gramma Bell, I didn't listen and look what happened to me."

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