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By Donna Flood

Baby Quilt

Some Native American's baby will be held cozy in this quilt. I can attest to this since even while I was working on it the warmth was nice.

The difficulty in making these quilts is not the putting of it together. It is rather the problem of keeping a light color fabric appropriate for a baby. This was solved by cutting  the hearts here out of brightly patterned Indian motive prints. They then become just a splash of strong color on the off white background.

The quilted base is no more than a scrap I had left over from some project. Around the edges of the heart is eyelet cotton lace and the outer edges have this same lace.  It is true there isn't a great amount of skill and craftsmanship here but it is a fairly quick and easy way to sew up a quilt for someone who is looking for something special other than just what they could buy in a department store.  A label with your name sewn to one edge underneath shows the creation to be an original.

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