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Jones Place on the Osage Highlands
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SinkPlumbing in the house was top of the line in 1920. It served for many years because it was designed  not be surpassed over the years for utility. The kitchen sink had a double drain on each side of porcelain. It, of course, would never wear out.

Washing machineHot and cold running water in homes was hardly available in cities and towns much less in a place sixty miles out into the country. The electric wiring in the house and the wind generator gave the Jones's this advantage.

There was a washing machine, an iron, a radio, and electric  lights. The indoor plumbing in the bathroom served the family also. There was a claw footed bathtub there

Upright floor model:  VV-XVIThe tall cabinets reaching up to the ceiling in the kitchen were elegant. To the far right, under the counter was a rather large pull out flour bin. It was always stocked. A person could be away from the home for years, walk back into the kitchen and it was always stocked with the dry products which could be stored there.  The house was so tightly put together there was never a bother with mice to break into these provisions.

Early VV-XI, Lidded Table ModelLinens for the beds were kept also. When one walked into the bedrooms the beds were always made up and ready for guests.

Dennis was a meticulous person and it was he who provided these amenities for the family's pleasure.

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