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Jones Place on the Osage Highlands
Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments in Scotland

A research person here directed me to RCAHMS which is by my opinion the finest efforts made in the world to save and preserve the sites, monuments and buildings of Scotland.

What are RCAHMS' aims?

  • To survey and record the man-made environment of Scotland

  • To compile and maintain in the National Monuments Record of Scotland a record of the archaeological and historical environment

  • To promote an understanding of this information by all appropriate means.

Who appoints the Commissioners and what do they do?
RCAHMS has ten Commissioners appointed by The Queen on the advice of Scotland's First Minister to oversee the progress of work and to advise on its proper and efficient conduct. They are also responsible for ensuring that the conduct of RCAHMS is in line with the highest standards of public service.

What does RCAHMS provide?
RCAHMS provides access to a great wealth of information and material on the sites, monuments and buildings of Scotland's past through the NMRS and through publication and exhibition of its work. RCAHMS also provides accurately surveyed information to the Ordnance Survey (OS) for inclusion on their maps.

What is RCAHMS?
RCAHMS is the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland. It is an independent non-departmental government body financed by Parliament through The Scottish Executive under the sponsorship of Historic Scotland. It is directed by Commissioners, and with a complement of around sixty permanent staff, is based in Edinburgh.

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