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Jones Place on the Osage Highlands
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The Old Jones Place was the home of Dennis Homer Flynn Jones and his Osage wife, Bertha Big Eagle Jones.

Their wedding pictures are in the Nancy Bellzona Picture Book, Scroll down for
wedding pictures:

Here is the
Osage web page. I know you will find it interesting. There is the "History"  and the "Museum" is something you will enjoy.   I notice there is a William Fletcher teaching the language classes and that they are on Sunday.

I love the Osage language. It has similarities to my Mother's language, Ponca. Sometimes, if my brain is working I can understand a little of it.

Dennis and Bertha owned homes in Brownsville, Texas and Colorado Spring, Colorado, besides this ranch place. Dennis did not get involved in the work around the ranch. He left that to my Dad who truly seemed to enjoy it.  Uncle Dennis and Aunt Bertha saw to it that the very big family all around them from different lines were welcome and a part of things as much as they wanted to be.

Aunt Bertha's family was fun loving and the various families from different cultures of their own all meshed together easily with them. Not until after Aunt Bertha's death did things begin to fall apart.

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