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Donna's Journal
Chilocco Historical Preservation, Meeting, 2/24/05

      Bret Carter, who is so devoted and dedicated to the saving of historical buildings,  was involved with a meeting between the five tribes owning Chilocco and The National Historical Preservation people. When he called during the evening he was most elated about the way the meeting had progressed. “Everything was positive,” he said.  The continued work toward getting the old vacant boarding school to be saved looks to be forthcoming and achievable.

     The alumni did not attend because those five tribes called Confederated Chilocco Association only wanted to hear the directions and necessary instructions from the National Historical Preservation at this time. It was possible to go because any tribal member could since it was an open meeting but my feelings were that the group should  not be distracted in any way. If one could have been a fly on the wall taking notes, this would have been good in that these could have been shared with you. The thought was entertained  of having clear scotch tape for my mouth while listening but decided this might be too obviously distracting, too.

     “The meeting went well and progress looks to be forthcoming.” Bret said. He did say the Historical society likes to have volunteers to do the actual measuring and writing of detailed descriptions. This is where the alumni could come into the picture and it is up for discussion that this could be a goal when we are able to meet there on the campus. At last we would be given an opportunity to do something constructive toward saving the legacy of this now historic place. It would also give us a legitimate reason to be on campus as far as the five tribes are concerned. We all called Chilocco home and the attachment we have for our alma mater is part of our make-up. However, I have to keep reminding myself, the five tribes do own it now and their wishes must be respected. If we continue to work with them though, in such a positive way,  it is great progress.

    Of ideas entertained the tribes are most comfortable, it seems, with the thought of a memorabilia,  Chilocco  museum open to tourists.

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