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Native Indian Lore
Antique Photographs of the Poncas


I just had a visit from the Steele family who came out of California.

They brought with them the most wonderful collection of historically important photographs of the Poncas and their family from the 1898-1900's era.  I have a wealth of material here and can see it adding a great collection to your page, thanks to this Jennie Steele and a photographer, Dillon, who saved this part of history.  I have permission from the family to use these photos for your site.  I will send these beautiful photographs a few at a time so that I will have something to send out to my mailing list.  I get notes from many people thanking me for sending material out to them, via your webpage and I'm so thankful that we found each other, Alastair.  To work together for this mutually giving folks a way to cope with their, sometimes, tragic lives by finding a moment of escape.



These are the descendants of Richard Steel, Indian agent, 1898-1903 and his
brother, Guy Steele.  They came from California to my home, May 2009, a few
days before my birthday, May 31.  What a wonderful gift!

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