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Beauty of the Old Masters
by Donna Flood
Vincent Van Gogh

No understanding among  peers,
Sometimes met with jeers,
His was a continued search,
Often out on a limb's  perch.
These many years ahead,
The body and mind dead,
But  power of that passion lives,
So many works he gives.
Any artist will understand more,
That love of life, nature, outdoor.
The deepest of faith shows through,
Despite mortal errors of living too.
Caught up into the artist's thrill,
Wishing to catch some dotted hill,
Or the strength of a person's life
No matter it might be of strife.
So much, too much, hurry to complete,
Up to very death his race so fleet.
"Quickly I go,  don't get in my way,"
Was the message through letters he did convey.

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