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Nancy Bellzona's Picture Book
The Arkansas Family - Mrs. Charles Herbert Bell (Birdie Lou Watkins)

Mrs. Charles Herbert Bell (Birdie Lou Watkins)This picture is a copy of one owned by Celia Bell Williams, Mrs. Lloyd William of Batesville, Arkansas. Celia is the daughter of Birdie Lou Watkins Bell. Birdie Lou is the daughter of Pierce Watkins and Walsie Jones Watkins. Walsie was the sister to Joseph H. Jones, daughter of William Stephens Jones.

These are Celia's comments:

"My mother was a pretty lady who never looked her age. Even when she died she still had her black hair. She and my Dad managed to raise nine children and they all graduated from high school. It wasn't easy to send nine children to school on a farmer's income. My mom would can five hundred jars of fruit and vegetables every year along with all the other work that goes on with a farm. They always had cows, hogs, and chickens to keep the family in meat, milk and eggs. Mother made butter and sold it along with eggs for spending money. She had a very even disposition, but once she did get angry, it took her forever to get over it."

This sounds familiar as to the personalities of the Jones's. There is a joke about the old man and old lady Jones who had fussed over a pair of scissors for years. She fell in the river and since he could not swim he was standing on the shore looking to throw her a rope. He had no trouble aiming at her hand since it was still up in the air out of the water, gesturing with two fingers like a pair of scissors.