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Nancy Bellzona's Picture Book
The Arkansas Family - Charles Herbert Bell

Charles Herbert BellThis is the husband of Birdie Lou Watkins Bell. He is the father of Celia Bell Williams (Mrs. Lloyd Williams).

Celia brought this information to Oklahoma from Batesville, Arkansas, July 21, 1988. One of her cousins, Mrs. Leonard (Flora Jane) McCormick shared some of it with her.

A complete genealogy is listed in Jerry Young's book, "Pioneers of the Prairie."

Celia has two sons. One is Grant Williams, who is a teacher in The Harrison, Arkansas school system. Grant and his wife, Marianne, are both teachers. Celia has another son, Mark Williams, who is a veterinarian in Batesville, Arkansas. The Jones characteristics can be seen in Celia's small delicate bone structure. To see the strong family resemblance between Warren Curtis Jones and Mark Williams was a surprise. To see the man, Warren Curtis, seem to reappear forty years after his death in his cousin's likeness was a very strange feeling.

One cannot even comprehend the size of this family reaching over Arkansas. Jones, Beaver, Herbert, Hubbart are only some of the root sir names and, of course, Bell.