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William Henry (Beaver) Jones

William Henry (Beaver) Jones and wife 1. Rodah Holloway had nine children.

l. JOHN CALVIN JONES 4-6-1824 - 8-22-1851 age 27. Spouse: Matilda Emaline Hall.
2. SARAH CAROLINE JONES b. 1827 Alabama m. Andrew Jackson Riggins
3. JOSEPH HUBBARD JONES 12-1830 d. 3-20-1898 Spouse: Ruth Elizabeth Jones.
4. WILLIAM STEPHENS JONES, 12-13-1833 d. 12-20-1891, Bartlesville, Ok. Spouse: Mary Ann Witt.
5. SEBERN JACK JONES b. 9-17-1835 d. 11-20-1891, Spouse: Mary Wilburn Jones.
6. MARY JANE JONES b. 1837, d. 2-26-1917 Spouse: William Henry Harrison Barbee.
7. MARTHA ANN JONES 7-17-1839.
8. THOMAS BEAVER JONES b. 1844, d. 1901 Spouse: Eliza E. Marshall.
9. ALONZO W. JONES b. 3-16-1847 Killed by bushwackers in the Civil War 5-11-1864 age. 17.

Second Wife Clarrisa of William B. Jones children:

1. CICERO JOHNSON JONES 1-3-1850 d. 1-5-1853, age three.
2. GARLAND P. JONES b. 1853 Spouse Clarissa Brown.

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