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Nancy Bellzona's Picture Book
The Collins - Omy Hobson

Omy Hobson is the girl on the left.Omy Hobson is the girl on the left. She was the daughter of Tillman Young Hobson, brother to Nathaniel Hobson. Nathaniel Hobson was Bellzona's brother-in-law, married to Aletha Artemis Collin, her sister. This picture was probably taken at Ft. Worth, Texas. Omy's first husband was Oscar Kelly. Her second husband was Henry Lawrence. In all Omy had seven girls and one boy. She was born at Toller, Texas.

The fastidious attention to detail can be seen in this girl's appearance, which is a mark of the Collins people. They always seemed to easily go through the chores of daily living and with a sense of humor. One of the girls joked about how her hands were so rough with picking cotton, when she went into the store to buy a pair of hose, she touched the hose and her hands stuck to them. "I'll just take these," she told the store owner, and she joked about it to the family later. Any miscalculation causing mishap would be told and retold amidst uproarious laughter.

Bellzona had another sister, Margaret Collins, married to James Griffith, and they lived in the Fort Worth area. Along with the Griffith's and the Hobson's who branched off from Collins women there must be great numbers of family descendants in this area.