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The Brewer's -
Nathaniel Stewart Collins and Elizabeth Brewer

This lower part of this document is the marriage record between N.S. (Nathaniel Stewart) Collins and Elizabeth Brewer.  The writing is faint and the translation is:

State of Missouri / j.p. (justice of the peace) County of Polk that on the 15 day of March 1865  I solemnized the rights of matrimony between N.S. Collins and Elizabeth Brewer all of Polk County, Missouri

John Jackson, J.P.

Recorded March 15th  1865

M (?) L. Snodgrass, Clrk.

To make a note as to this time in history. General Lee of the southern states surrendered on April 9th, 1865, thus ending the civil war.

marriage record between N.S. (Nathaniel Stewart) Collins and Elizabeth Brewer

N.S. Collings (correctly Collins) age 36 and Elizabeth Ann Brewer Collings age 36 Husband and wife are listed on the U.S. Federal Census records at Washington, Township, June 5, 1880, Boone County, Arkansas.

Elizabeth is the sister-in-law of Mary Amerika Hunter Brewer, Mrs. John Wesley Brewer.