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Nancy Bellzona's Picture Book
The Flood's - Four Generations

Four GenerationsStanding, Honora C. Gosney Flood.

Front Row: Left to right, Sarah Griffing, married to John William Gosney. Child: Sylvia Marie Flood, born October 30, 1895, died December 6, 1987. On June 4, 1946 she married Jim West. He died October 4, 1952.

Woman to far right: Maria L. Yelton, Mrs. Aaron K. Griffing, born January 12, 1823.

Sylvia Marie Flood, the child shown here, has many credits of accomplishments. They are easily available since she was a licensed registered nurse. She worked in the field of psychiatry. She was over a state institution for the mentally impaired who were aged. She warranted the deepest respect and admiration. This lady was a nurse by birth and through steady hard work and study. Sylvia never stopped and became satisfied to rest on her laurels, but was always pushing to reach to a higher goal. She was a teacher, although she admitted this was not her favorite part of her profession. And, she was a professional, in every sense of the word.

Sylvia was John Wesley Flood's eldest sister, Rodney Flood's aunt. She had no children of her own.