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Nancy Bellzona's Picture Book
The Flood's - Wenona Mae Medler Flood

Mrs. John Flood with her two childrenWenona Mae Medler Flood, Mrs. John Flood with her two children, Rodney Lee Flood and John Ross Flood. Rodney was born April 30, 1934. John Ross was born September 12, 1946.

This picture was taken the year of Rodney and Donna Colleen Jones's marriage, September 6, 1957.

Rodney and Donna's three children are:

1. Rhonda Louise Flood, born August 22, 1959
Mark:  Married to Kathy Carithers, 2 children, John Ross and Anna Marie. Mark and Kathy raised her daughter, Megan Beson, by a former marriage.
3. Kay, married to Baraquiel Loya, 11 years, 2007. They have one child, Bryce Donavan and he adopted her daughter, Elizabeth, by a first marriage.

Rodney is completing a four-year service with the Marine Corp. here. He served during the later part of the Korean conflict, and in Japan.

Rodney has worked over the years in the field of electronics and electricity. He worked as an electronic engineer in Dallas.

Donna has worked over the years in various volunteer services in the areas of art and special education.

Donna's accomplishments in art have been to exhibit her works in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Her originals decorate many homes about the country. The last work to show was at the Kennedy Performing Arts Center in Washington, D.C.