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Ancestor Chart for Pah-Pu-Son-Tsa

(Deceased 1/12/40)

First marriage of Pah-Pu-Son-Tsa

Ne-Kah-Nah-Sah (First Husband)

Pah-Pu-Son-Tsa (Wife)

Hun-Pah-To-Kah (Daughter) Min-Kah-Nah-She (Daughter)

Hun-Pah-To-Kah, also known as Laura, was first married to

Hah-Ka-Wal-La McDougan. Their children were Charles and Rose

McDougan. The second Marriage of Hun-Pah-To-Kah was to

Andrew Bighorse (Allottee No. 453).

Min-Kah-Nah-She, also known as Ester Blaine, was the mother of John Cannon (Allottee No. 107) - 4/4/01-9/24/26. Min-Kah-Nah-She married Moh-Shon-Kah-She and had one child, Charley Mashunkashey (Shon-Kah, Allottee No. 464), known as Big Charley>,. His parents became deceased and he, being a minor, became a ward of the government. Big Charley and Ben Mashunkashey were half brothers. Big Charley had no children. Min-Kah-Nah-She was also a half sister to Edna Warrior Mashunkashey.

Second Marriage of Pah-Pu-Son-Tsa

Wash-Tsa-Shin-Kah Warrior - Unallotted - (Second husband)

Pah-Pu-Son-Tsa (Wife)

Robert Warrior (Son>

Russell Warrior, Hum-Pah-Ah-Grah, (Son)

Wash Warrior, Wah-She-Pah, Allottee No. 522 (Son)

Mary Warrior, Pah-She-He, Allottee No. 523 (Daughter)

Edna Warrior, Hiu-Ah-Nie-Tsa-He, Allottee No. 458 (Daughter)

Edna Warrior was married to Ben Mashunkashey.

Third Marriage of Pah-Pu-Son-Tsa

Hu-Lah-Tun-Kah BigEagle (Third husband)

Pah-Pu-Son-Tsa (Wife)

No children were born to this marriage. Pah-Pu-Son-Tsa, hereafter, was known as Grandma BigEagle (E-ko) Grandmother.