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The Osages - Indian Names

One could be tempted to believe the meanings of these names are lost forever to the descendants of these people. This is not so. There are many books written on the subject and are available in libraries. The book "Osage Mission," a book of marriages, interrants, and baptisms by Louis H. Burns gives a lengthy list and interpretation of the meaning of names.

Because they speak of the depth of feeling the people have some are listed here:

Hun ka ah gre-The Hun Ka Eagle (male name).

This is probably a name of the Mottled Eagle clan. The Sacred Eagle is a literal translation. This is the eagle that led the people from the four upper-worlds.

Kahikie atch

Possibly, this is a variant of Ki he ka she or Not a Chief which means this person cannot be a chief because his clan believes in war.

Ko pa ka she-Flashing eyes. This is a Sen ka or third daughter name of the Black Bear clan. The name is a reference to the light in a bear's eyes or the light reflected from a bear's coat at night. Author's note: A fearful sight when observed in a human's eye.

Mihoni-This is We ha or second daughter name of the Black Bear clan, it is also a traditional name of the Panther clan. These two clans were closely related and shared some names.

Me hun ka me-Sacred Sun Woman

Me tsa he-Me na-The favorite. This is a popular female name. It is a first daughter name (Me tsa he) name in the isolated Earth clan, the Black Bear clan, the Mottled Eagle clan, the Elk clan and the Night People clan.

Me tsa ho pa-Spider woman -This is a female name of the Isolated Earth clan.

Mo sa ne-Arrow of Life (female name)

This is probably a reference to the red ceremonial arrow which represents life. The other arrow is black and represents death. Both are fired to the west so life and death can forever pursue night and day.

Na he me ka-Truth of maturity.

Pa pu son tsa-Sloping Upland Forrest (female name)

* Osage Mission Book