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The Joneses - One returned to Arkansas

Pierce Watkins and his Spouse Walsie Jones, who was the daughter of William Stephens Jones and Mary Ann DeWitt

Piece was born December 11, 1866. He died December 28, 1936 at seventy years of age.  He was the son of William Henry Watkins and Lucinda Scoggings.  Pierce married Walsie in Coffeeville, Kansas. He is buried at the Maple wood cemetery in Harrison, Arkansas.

Walsie, Pierce's wife, wss born May 29, 1871 at Valley Springs, Arkansas. She died August 26, 1940 at the age of 69.  She is buried at the Maple Wood Cemetery.

Walsie and Pierce having been married at Coffeeville, Kansas because it was a town not far from where her mother and father lived, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Pierce and Walsie's children were born on the family farm close to Harrison, Arkansas where they had settled. These are their nine children:

1.  Ernest Watkins, born 1888
2.  Emory Eugene b. October 3, 1890. Died 1963. Married Minnie Wilson
3.  Ruby Watkins, b. September 13, 1892. Died 1979, Pasadena, Ca. m. Marvin Farris.
4.  Alf O. b. 1895, d. February 23, 1955, m. Mima Young.
5.  Birdie Lou b. February 13, 1897. D. November 7, 1978.
6.  William Henry b. August 15, 1899. D. February 28, 1941
7.  Virginia T. "Virgie" b. 1902, d. September 20, 1969.
     Spouse 1: George Baughman
     Spouse 2. Ken Billinger
8.  Jefferson Floyd, b. November 6. Died April 16, 1979
9.  Bertha, died in infancy.