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Poetry of 2006 by Donna Flood
I Am So Depressed

A soft gentle breeze
Played with the leaves,
But, I couldn~ez_rsquo~t see
I am so depressed.

My grandson was so proud
Of first squiggles and colors loud,
I look away, my head bowed
I am so depressed.

A brilliant sunrise glowed
I couldn~ez_rsquo~t have knowed,
Was there earth~ez_rsquo~s morning joy?
I am so depressed.

Puppies roll and play
In their fun and games stay.
I don~ez_rsquo~t perceive at all,
I am so depressed.

Rain drops kissed my garden~ez_rsquo~s earth
Bringing gracious green to its girth,
My eyes can~ez_rsquo~t conceive
I am so grieved.

For the moment old adversary
Has won his play on the contrary,
Because I~ez_rsquo~ve allowed him his tool,
That of this and all I am so depressed.

Now how can I stand tall,
To carry the grief of all
My sister and brother~ez_rsquo~s expression
Of Mother~ez_rsquo~s failing when I am so depressed?

Come rise with me children, grandchildren
All those of blood and friends
She walks close to shadows of a New World
When she is young, vibrant, loving and strong.
And this is wrong?
If there were sins and disappointment,
These all forgiven as if never meant,
Paid for by the example of long ago
Of resurrection and His life~ez_rsquo~s glow.
And for this, I am so depressed?

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