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Poetry of 2006 by Donna Flood
There are Creepy Crawlies

In through the cracks in my door
Slowly crawling over my floor
There are creepy crawly things
And, Oh the shudder it brings.
Why do I need to set a trap,
For those intruders who test the wrap
Of my integrity to higher powers rest.
For seventy years I’ve never known for sure,
Who was a friend and all that for living pure.
Little tests so I could know,
Who, surely is friend or foe?
All the while the little ones who are
Nothing poison compared to the other, by far.
So between the two, of the creepy crawly,
I think I’d rather have them, by golly.
Is there a breath of a shill,
Tip toeing up on this hill?
Oh well, I care not the reek,
Kind of fun playing hide and seek.

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