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Poetry of 2006/07 by Donna Flood
Coyote at Dawn

The time is before the dawn,
I with my coffee cup in hand on the lawn,
Comfortable chair and I are friends,
Together we get through to wins.

We share this early morning hour.
Somewhere a lonely bird has power
And then again, another calls, too.
The sky, the sky is dark, indigo blue.

At a distance I hear the mournful,
Train on a track, ever scornful
Of surely vacant roads it must cross,
While it blows a whistle to be boss.

And then a bit of a laugh,
As a pack of coyote at task
To worry a neighbor’s dog
Who lives at the drop off, and bog.

They howl the coyote’s familiar bark
Running along like boys on a lark
While dog in the protective fence
Can only tear along edge in suspense.

I look again at the sky’s color
To realize the blue is now another
One of pink, mauve, orange that shade
And off and gone the coyote’s raid.

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