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Poetry of 2006 by Donna Flood

Well, so long to you my cousin, then.
We played, canít remember the day or when,
So long ago its been,
We talked of being forever a friend.

You and I we were just a kid,
But there was something Ďneath our lid,
Another twinge of color that did,
Leave us paler than those otherís bid.

Someone spoke of your fatherís loam,
That he came from those who roam,
Anyway, I never saw him home,
But you had family, and were not alone.

So, who cares where the history speaks,
We wished to kiss your sweet cheeks,
While years grew from days to weeks,
Until here we are when old body creaks.

So all our lives through pain and praise,
We never measured the days,
Just stood back a ways,
And enjoyed your always pleasant gaze.

Now off you go, time to sleep and rest,
Waiting for another quest,
Where color of skin only will be blest,
By a loving Creator and his conquest.

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