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Poetry of 2006 by Donna Flood
Oklahoma Summer 2006

We broke the heat record yesterday
From 1954 when 107 was told,
How did then, we manage the fray?
The waves of dust from no rainbow,
We wished only for a sky of grey.
We couldn’t even remember snow.

Here we are at 2006 with heat wave,
Striking the parched, dry ground,
Not even the sprinkler staves.
Burning soil and wilted plants abound.
The mockingbird and cardinal braves,
Stay close to cool window they’ve found.

Back then the drought lasted for several years
Until everyone thought it was absolutely permanent
While dust and sand filtered, settled on sill and chairs
Until our spirits were not broken but certainly bent
Suddenly along came the rain over fields and fairs
Like forgotten snow, we didn’t remember where heat went.

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