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Poems of my cousin, Ura May
Storage Space

That ranch house, so big, it’s true,
Had enough space through and through,
Except for storage for the modern world
There wasn’t enough of it for all passes,
So where the buffet once held fine glasses,
Now stored Ura May’s spool of thread,
Or maybe patterns to be read.
Carved sewing machine cabinet was pushed for space,
To colonnade on the back side in dining room place.
The small kitchen was her greatest challenge,
Where spices and canned goods she had to arrange.
The old storage bin for flour,
Now held fresh vegetables for the hour.
Potatoes, apples, all of that sort
Together held court.
The back porch now housed a freezer
Where once a ice box worked as our teaser,
To the impulse of the ice man,
And his blocks to stand.
Great grandmother’s old round table
Made the space informal and able
To serve food in a less fancy way,
Morning, noon, night, every day.

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