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Poems of my cousin, Ura May
T Town

“Meet me at the junction!“
I’m shopping T Town to function.
Ura May’s little Nash was waiting,
“Take Dad’s Buick and the girls home.”
“Back to the Ranch? All Alone?”
”I don’t want to pick a bone,”
“But the roads are mud and slick.”
I knew she trusted me and quick.
Still, there was that stretch up to the house.
She said, “You’ve driven in mud before,”
“Always had to drive to the store.”
That heavy Buick was a good choice,
It fish tailed so much and I had no voice.
The girls in the back seat,
For once were big eyed and sweet.
Then, the four of us walked into the cozy space,
Where dinner was on the table in place.
After we ate we all curled up on the sofa and kept,
Our place before t.v. until we slept.
The night was early when Ura May,
And her Dad left Tulsa that play.
She was grinning, carrying packages,
I thought, “That’s my girl, favorite cuz.”
Not muddy roads or miserable miles,
Could keep her from the styles
Of Tulsa towns greatest stores,
For then, now or ever more.


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