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Poems of my cousin, Ura May
Over the Edge

Who knows what pushed her,
Over the edge to occur,
The decision for divorce,
Matter of course.

We were like horses,
Watching, helplessly the forces.
Of darkness that was ripping,
Children, mother, husband gripping.

All that was clean and good,
Pushed back, like a hood.
Father and children went one way,
Ura May, here and there for short stay.

She was forlorn,
Heart and mind torn,
Stayed here and there,
In fact, just anywhere.

Listened to music for hours,
About cold and steam heat’s sours.
“I need your love to keep away the cold,"
We heard until it was so old.

“Let him take the children,”
She told the lawyer and a friend,
Again the Osage will win,
You can’t go where they’ve been.

I won’t take an ugly word to court,
To let the records, my last dignity, abort.

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