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Poems of my cousin, Ura May
A Racy Sports Car

Where did she go when she drove away?
Why couldn’t she, at home play?
I wondered as I watched her convertible,
Sports-car, down the road and not like a turtle.
“I’m off to town,” she said to all.
“I’ll be back, and I’ll call.”
She was missing so much
Of calves being born and such
Why was she running from this place,
Turning away from us and needing space?
Dad called it the will-o-the-wisp’s way,
I only wanted her big sister, presence to stay.
Things would be lonely the rest of the day.
“She’s grown-up,” Mother said. “She’s off and away.
“Let her go, leave her alone, to go,
She’ll be back before you know.”

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