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Lu Hickey
Lu Hickey is the contributor of a lot of articles on Electric Scotland and so far most of the articles in our American History series.  She has a rich heritage from which to draw as can be seen in the certificates listed below. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Lu for her contributions which we know a lot of our visitors enjoy reading, as we do ourselves.   Thanks Lu! :)

A copy of Lu's certificates

Colonial Dames XVII Century
Ancestor is Patriot Neal Cooke... PA and Delaware.

Daughter of American Revolution
Ancestor is Col. Benjamin Wilson, statesman.

Daughters of the Confederacy
Ancestor is my great grandfather, LT. Jeremiah Bell Howell, 19th VA Cavalry CSA.

Hood's Texas Brigrade
Ancestor is Thomas Peck Ochiltree of the 1st Texas Infantry.