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Dr. John McLoughlin
Father of Oregon by Frederick V. Holman (1907)

To the true, good, brave Oregon Pioneers of 1843, 1844, 1845, and 1846, whose coming in the time of joint-occupancy did so much to help save Oregon and assisted in making it what it is today; whose affections and regards for Dr. John McLoughlin and whose remembrances and heartfelt appreciations of his humanity and kindness to them and theirs can and could end only with their deaths, this volume is most respectfully dedicated.


Early Settlements and Joint-occupancy of the Oregon Country
The Hudson's Bay Company and the Northwest Company
Genealogy and Family of Dr. John McLoughlin
Dr. McLoughlin and the Oregon Country
Fort Vancouver
Punishment of Indians
Early French Canadian Settlers
Early American Traders and Travellers
Presbyterian Missionaries
Methodist Missions and Missionaries
Provisional Government
Immigration of 1842
Immigration of 1843
Immigration of 1844
Immigration of 1845
The Quality of the Early Immigrants
The Resignation of Dr. John McLoughlin
Dr. McLoughlin's Religion
Dr. McLoughlin's Land Claim
Abernethy Island
The Shortess Petition
Land Laws of the Provisional Government
Dr. McLoughlin's Naturalization
Conspiracy against Dr. McLoughlin
Thurston's Letter to Congress
Protests against Thurston's Actions
The Conspiracy Effective
Career and Death of Thurston
The Methodist Episcopal Church
Dr. McLaughlin's Memorial to Congress
The End of Dr. McLoughlin's Life
Justice to Dr. McLoughlin's Memory
Eulogy upon Dr. McLoughlin
Documents mentioned in the book

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