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Some wee articles from Canada

Taken from the Hill of Boisdale by A.J. MacMillan

Dougall R. and Hughie R. O'Handley are yet remembered in Boisdale, Cape Breton. Bushing involved chopping holes in the ice and placing young spruce trees in them as a path across the lake so that people wouldn't get lost in snow squalls or wander onto weaker ice. This was between the Island of Boularderie and Boisdale.  Dougall was a veritable font of local lore and he and his brother would undertake this task.

A quote from Cecilia MacFarlane interviewed by Mary Jess MacDonald

One year a family had a frolic to get the winters firewood cut and home from the mountain. Much wood was needed as the old fireplaces used a lot of wood. A log that two men could carry could be burned in the fireplace. People from the Queensville, Glendale, Nova Scotia areas came with twenty horses and sleighs. Each team took down four loads of wood, with the result the family had eighty loads of wood. (A frolic is neighbors helping neighbors). As night fell there would be music and dancing at the end of the day.

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