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Chatham Highland Games
12th July 2008

The Chatham Highland Games are held the 2nd week of July each year at Chatham in South Western Ontario, about an hours drive along the 401 Highway from Detroit in the USA or about 3 hors drive from Toronto on the same 401.

The Games attract many Pipe Bands and Highland Dancers and usually the weather is superb but this year there was a thunderstorm which put down heavy rain around the middle of the day.  It passed on and we got mostly dry weather for the rest of the games.

This year instead of taking lots of pictures I decided to see if I couldn't get some video recordings of some of the people in the tents giving them an opportunity to tell us something about themselves.


This is Clan MacKenzie's new and larger Clan Tent and you'll possibly note that on the side Alan has Electric Scotland mentioned along with his DNA Project.

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