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Gaelic Proverbs

As well as having a unique sense of humor, our Gaelic ancestors had the ability to see to the heart of the matter. Their system of values are revealed in the traditional "Sean-fhacail" or proverbs.
As an teine don ghriasaich out of the fire, into the embers, from bad to worse
Luathaid gu deanamh maille   to much rush causes delay.
Iallan fada a lethair duin eile   Long laces from another mans leather. Taking advantage of another
Am fear a gheibh ainm na mocheirich, faoaidh e cadal anmoch   The man who is known as an early riser can sleep late.
Gheibh faidhidinn furstachd patience will get relief or reward
Bosd gun chur leis   Pride with nothing to back it up
SW ann mu seach a sheideas na builg   The bellows blow one about; one is up today and down tomorrow.
Mollaidh an t-each math e fhein   The good horse will praise itself.
Cha tig spilgein air fear eiginn   A person in need gets nothing
An rud a dh'fhalbhas chan e d'fhonis   what is gone, or goes isn't sufficient.
Suirghe cein is posadh am bun na h ursainn Distant courting, and marrying close at hand (at the door posts).
Rud nach cluin cluas cha ghluais cridhe   That which the ear doesn't hear won't stir the heart.
excerpts from A Genealogical History of Glendale and Neighboring communities.
A proverb I try and live by:
Cuimhnichibh air na daoine bho'n d'thainig sibh   Remember the people whom you come from.

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