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Historical Articles from Larry Ruickbie

I have truncated almost all entries by not typing "This Day" at the start or “was interred" at the end each line.

Anything in quotation marks or with a "?" was my best guess.

I do know that some is miss-spelled, but I strived to make it represent that written in the documents…………..

Innerleithen Church in the late 1800’s

Innerleithen Kirk yard in May of 2005



Innerleithen, Peeblesshire Interments - July 29 1824 to November 22 1854


July 29 1824      James Ballantyne Esquire of Holilee

Nov 6 1824        Elizabeth Porteous of Peebles

Feb 4 1825        This day William Ruickbie was interred.

Feb 9 1825        James Perie from Edin.

Jun 2 1825        Adam Brydon son of Adam Brydon

Aug 31 1825      Katherine daughter to John Ketchen Shepherd in Glentrees aged 16

Oct 24 1825      Margt. Brunton Spouse of Willm. Park Innkeeper in Innerleithen

Nov 22 1825      William Paisley mason in Innerleithen

Dec 23 1825      Elizabeth Wilson

Jan 22 1826       James Shepherd

April 8 1826       Margt. daughter to William Laidlaw Wayside aged 4 years

July 20 1826      John Anderson son to James Tait tenant in Caberston, aged 4 years

Aug 10 1826      William Eckford of "Greenhead" aged 52

Aug 26 1826      Elizabeth daughter to Adrew Turnbull shepherd in Colquhar aged a few days

Dec 2 1826        Alex.r Rankin servant to Wm Stewart Glenormiston

Dec 24 1826      James Pow son to Andrew Pow Innerleithen aged 32

Jan 21 1827       Agnes daughter to Thomas Stodart labourer Glenoromiston aged 6 years

Feb 16 1827      Thomas Tait tenant of Kirklands aged 81

Feb 28 1827      James Tait tenant of Caberstone

April 6 1827       Agnes Thomson

April 14 1827     Joan Carse widow of William Paisley mason in Inner

May 28 1827     Peter Hastie

Aug 21 1827      This day Isabella Ruickbie was interred.

Sept 13 1827     Mrs. Laidlaw spouse of Wm. Laidlaw Horsburgh Castle

March 13 1828 Agnes infant daughter to William Riddle shepherd in Kirna

April 11 1828     James Brunton residenter in Innerleithen

May 14 1828     Andrew Bathgate mason Innerleithen aged 76

June 21 1828 Thomas Stodart labourer in Glenormiston

July 31 1828      Mary Riddle daughter to William Riddle shepherd in Kirna

Aug 2 1828        John Sanderson Turner

Aug 26 1828      Margt. Pow widow of Thomas tenant of Kirklands

Aug 31 1828      Andrew Riddle son of James Riddle labourer Walker Burn

Nov 9 1828        Janet Nicol wife of James Davidson merchant

Dec 24 1828      John Tait long shepherd in Craighope

Jan 5 1829        Janet Matheson

Jan 23 1829       Isobella Welsh relict of James Laidlaw tenant in Hundleshope

May 10 1829     Adam Tod aged 94

July 28 1829      Isobella Greenfield daughter to John Greenfield servant Glenormiston

Aug 3 1829        This day Margt. Ruickbie residenter in Innerleithen was interred.

Dec 1829          Alex.r Horsburgh Esquire died on the 12th of December 1829 and was buried at Kirkburn on the 18th of said month.

Dec 24 1829      Elizabeth Lunn William Park's mother-in-law

Feb 27 1830      Elizabeth Eckford

April 13 1830     William Scott son of William Scott merchant in Innerleithen

June 2 1830       George son of George Scougal flesher

Oct 9 1830        Janet Ogilvie wife of John Graham gamekeeper to Sir James G Suttie

Oct 10 1830      Elizabeth daughter to Robt. Euman weaver Inner.

Feb 12 1831      Agnes Nicol wife of George Brodie farmer in Hillend

March 22 1831 Robert Tait labourer in Innerleithen

April 8 1831       Margt. Wood spouse to John Tait long shepherd in Craighope

April 8 1831       (this was confusing) Harriet (Gray or) Scott spouse to James Robert Scott Esq. of Thirlston House Cheltenham

May 13 1831     Janet Robertson wife of John Hislop

May 28 1831     Elizabeth Steven widow of James Scott late carrier in Inner.

June 15 1831 William Watson labourer in Innerleithen

June 18 1831 John son to William Thomson weaver in Innerleithen

June 20 1831 Jean Ovens widow of John Matheson late labourer in Innerleithen

Dec 24 1831      John Hislop shepherd in Innerleithen Common

Feb 24 1832      Robert son of Willm. Stewart Esq. of Glenormiston

March 1 1832 Mary Ann Birch servant to Miss Austan

March 10 1832 <blank> son of William Laidlaw Hayside near Abbottsford

March 11 1832 John infant son of Mark Edgars coachdriver Glenormiston

March 14 1832 Margt. daughter of of George Tait labourer Purveshill

April 18 1832     Janet Kerr

April 21 1832     James Robert Scott Esq. of Thirlston House Cheltenham

June 3 1832       Margt. Eckford aged 78

June 26 1832 John son of Alex? Ramsay ploughman Traquair Knowe

July 22 1832      Helen Dugeon George Tait's wife

Oct 19 1832      James Riddell labourer Walkerburn

Jan 13 1833       A male child belonging to Mark Edgar Glenormiston

Jan 20 1833       A child belonging to James Young in the Manufactory

Jan 25 1833       George Sanderson wright in Damside

March 18 1833 Agnes daughter to David Coldwell gardener Holilee

March 22 1833 Jane daughter to James Anderson labourer

April 5 1833       A male child belonging to Michael McLauchlan taylor

April 12 1833     Euphemia Horsburgh widow of Alexr. Brunton

May 7 1833       Janet Tait sister to William Tait cooper

May 27 1833     Jane Scougall spouse to William Riddle Innkeeper Inner.

May 28 1833     Miss Ann Austin from Traquair House

July 26 1833      Catherine Maners from the county of Jermanagh Ireland

Oct 7 1833        William Brodie mason in Innerleithen

Nov 1 1833        Jane daughter of William Biggar

Nov 24 1833      Andrew Ferguson from Netherhorsburgh

Dec 29 1833      John Euman and Agnes Sutherland both from the village of Innerleithen

Jan 10 1834       Lilias Euman wife to William Sanderson Damside

Feb 2 1834        Jean Turnbull wife of William Tait cooper

Jan 31 1834       Mrs. Horsburgh of Horsburgh was interred at Horsburn

Feb 6 1834        Isobella Dodson wife of Robert Riddle Galashiels

March 13 1834 Mrs. Stewart of Glenormiston

April 10 1834     John Tait shepherd from Lee

May 29 1834     Janet infant of J. Graham

June 6 1834       William Laurie from Craighope

Nov 16 1834      Charles Brodie late of Lee

Nov 29 1834      Thomas Gibson

Jan 13 1835       Alexr. Simpson shoemaker in Damside

April 22 1835     Elizabeth Hall wife of James Henderson worker at the factory here

June 12 1835 Two children from the village were interred, one belonging to James Aitcheson wright, and the other a friend to John Leggat in Pirn.

Aug 23 1835      John Greenfield from Glenormiston

Sept 22 1835     Margt. a child belonging to William Murray residing in Peebles Parish

Nov 3 1835        Mr. William Laidlaw tenant of Common

Dec 16 1835      Mrs. Nisbet from Horsburgh Terrace

Jan 22 1836       Katherine daughter of Robert Eckford servant in Pirn

April 21 1836     Adam Brydon from Bleakhope Byre

June 16 1836 John Murray from the village

Sept 8 1836       Alexr. Simpson shoemaker from Bridge-End and his son a young child

Nov 26 1836      James Brydon shepherd from Bleakhope Byre who perished in a snow storm

Dec 3 1836        James Aitcheson wright from the village aged 44 years

Dec 15 1836      John Boyd son of Robert Boyd aged 5 years

Dec 23 1836      Agnes Tait from Glenormiston

Jan 5 1837        John Eckford Senior wright from the village

Jan 22 1837       Isobella ?Mather? Or ?Walter? wife of James ?Steel? from Galashiels (this was hard to figure out)

Feb 3 1837        William Turnbull from "Widylaws"

Feb 14 1837      Marianne daughter to Robert Brown shoemaker

March 9 1837 James Walt from Hillhouses

March 20 1837 John Horsburgh from Tongue House Sutherlandshire

May 25 1837     Janet Ritchie from the village

June 22 1837 Mrs. Murray from Buckholm

April 26 1838     Janet Todd from Damside

May 6 1838       <blank> son of James Davidson miller in Netherhorsburgh

May 8 1838       Margt. Riddle from Hillend

May 11 1838     Janet Paterson from Gurley Back was interred in Traquair churchyard.

June 16 1838 William Tait son to George Tait Bridgend

Oct 10 1838      Thomas Wilkie surgeon

Feb 2 1839        Janet daughter to James Brown wright

May 13 1839     Rev. James Pate, Minister of this Parish

June 9 1839       Elizabeth Sanderson wife of John Tait parish schoolmaster aged 42 (the 42 was smudged)

Aug 24 1839      Elizabeth Welsh daughter to Robert Welsh from Edinburgh

Sept 17 1839     Jane Riddle daughter to William Riddle from Glenmaid Traquair

Sept 21 1839     William Geddes son to James Geddes ploughman

Oct 15 1839      Marion Paisley

Oct 24 1839      E. N. Grant son of Edward Grant surgeon Innerleithen

Nov 29 1839      John Ketchin shepherd in Colquhar aged 85 years

Dec 2 1839        George Riddle watchmaker from the village

Jan 8 1840        Adam Tod from Galashiels

Feb 24 1840      William Riddle innkeeper from the village

March 2 1840 Fanny Eccles wife of Thos. Aitchinson wright in Glenormiston

June 6 1840       James Davidson aged 87 from the village

July 13 1840      Margt. Blackie wife of Jomes Lowrie from Galashiels

Oct 7 1840        William son of James Eckford

Nov 19 1840      Elizabeth Dick servant at Pirn

March 8 1841 Agnes Tait from Pirn Hillend

March 9 1841 John Stobo son to John Stobo weaver Innerleithen. This boy was drowned in the Mill Lead.

March 30 1841 Agnes Henderson wife of William Lowrie shepherd in Craighope

May 28 1841     Mrs. Potts was interred in the churchyard of Jedburgh

June 6 1841       Flora Eckford wife of William Temple

July 25 1841      Dr. Milligan

July 31 1841      William Laidlaw from Peebles

Sept 25 1841     Margaret Tait daughter to James Tait late tenant of Caberston

Oct 29 1841      Mrs. Helen Pringle from the village

Dec 8 1841        James Matheson from Howford

Jan 1 1842        Helen Pringle from the village

March 7 1842 Thomas Aitchison from Glenormiston

April 8 1842       This day William son to William Ruickbie from the village was interred.

May 24 1842     John Stodart from Cardrona Traquair

June 5 1842       Janet Fowler a pauper from Purveshill

Sept 15 1842     Margt. Matheson from Glenormiston

Jan 31 1843       William Baptie shepherd from Colquhar

Feb 8 1843        David Shanks from Hillend

March 8 1843 Alexr. Hislop from the village

March 28 1843 Isobella Matheson from Glenormiston

April 24 1843     Betsey Orminston from Pirn Hillend

April 25 1843     Thomas Tait from the village

June 17 1843 Alexander Watson from Edinburgh

June 25 1843 Grace daughter to Thos. Anderson tailor in Innerleithen

Aug 10 1843      John Eckford son to James Eckford Traquair Mill

Sept 18 1843     Barbara Scott wife to James Stirling shepherd in Huthope

Oct 17 1843      John Watt son to John Watt Glenormiston

Dec 4 1843        Michael Eckford from his House Cansheugh

Dec 11 1843      Henry son to Doctor Grant residing in Innerleithen

March 11 1844 Catherine Kerr from Pirn Hillend

June 5 1844       Mary Invery from Kirklands

July 18 1844      Robert Turnbull from the village was interred. This boy by accident fell into the Tweede and perished.

Aug 6 1844        Robert Leggat from Galashiels

Aug 26 1844      Thomas S. Nair a stranger supposed to be from Ireland

Jan 13 1845       James Kerr smith at Netherhorsburgh

Feb 6 1845        Robert Baptie from Caberston Toll

March 3 1845 ?Agnes? Barrie wife of Robert Brown Senior

Aug 24 1845      Miss Charlotte P. MacDonald died and was interred on the 28th of said month.

Sept 22 1845     Mr. William Menzies from Edinburgh

Oct 3 1845 George Scougal flesher from the village

Oct 7 1845 Wiliam Baptie from Caberston Toll

Nov 5 1845 John son to John Matheson servant in Kirklands aged five years

Dec 31 1845      Robert Penn from Hillhouse

Jan 7 1846        Isobella Turnbull from Glenormiston

Jan 23 1846       Miss Isobella Horsburgh from Edinburgh

Jan 26 1846       Isobella Sanderson daughter to William Sanderson Damside

March 18 1846 Miss Mary Tait from Edinburgh

May 1 1846       Robert Tait from Edinburgh

May 3 1846       Isobella Henderson from Holilee

May 20 1846     William Tait shepherd from Blackhouse

June 30 1846 Margt. Reive from Caberston Toll

Aug 10 1846      Archibald son to William Hogg servant at Whitehope

Sept 7 1846       Helen Pringle wife of Thomas Ormiston smith Pirn Hill End

Oct 8 1846        James Matheson from "Lawmanca" Parish of Newlands

Dec 25 1846      Jean Smith from the village

Jan 8 1847        Samuel Thomson from Curleyback

Jan 22 1847       Mary Noble wife to James Leadbetter

April 3 1847       Thomas Gordon from Dewar Toll was interred aged twenty two

May 29 1847     Andrew Pow senior from the village

June 23 1847 Jean Brown widow of John Tait long shepherd in "Kirkdrona" was interred in Traquair church yard.

July 5 1847        Margt. Tait wife to John Leggat Bridgend

July 21 1847      Ann Hall relict of Thomas Swinton

July 28 1847      Thomas Scott carrier from Bridgend

Aug 10 1847      Susan Glendinning from the village

Aug 20 1847      William Tait cooper aged 87

Aug 21 1847      George Brodie from the village

Oct 14 1847      John Whitson son to William Whitson aged three years

Dec 22 1847      Janes Anderson from Crookstone

Jan 6 1848        Miss Grizel Murray from Burkholm

Jan 12 1848       Margt. Scott wife to Wm. McGregor innkeeper Peebles

April 4 1848       Janet Ormiston from Hillend

Aug 20 1848      Margt. Tait from Netherhorsburgh

Nov 17 1848      James Riddle from "Glenmaid" Traquair

Dec 30 1848      John Nisbet from Bridgend

Jan 15 1849       Helen Brunton from Damside

Jan 21 1849       Elizabeth Maben wife to William Maben carter Innerleithen

Jan 31 1849       Elizabeth Brunton widow of John Euman

Feb 8 1849        Jane Brunton daughter to Gilbert Brunton

Feb 12 1849      Mr. Archibald "Home" Innerleithen was interred in the West Chuch burying ground Edinburgh.

July 13 1849      Mary Miller widow of the late David Shanks

Aug 15 1849      an Irishman, name unknown, who was found drowned in the dam near Walker burn

Aug 17 1849      Helen Pate from Netherhorsburgh

Aug 31 1849      James Leadbutter from the village

Sept 29 1849     James Marchbanks from Curle Bank

Oct 6 1849 James Mortock an Irishman was interred, supposed to have died of Cholera

Oct 11 1849      Isabella Dagleish from the Mineral Well

Jan 2 1850 William Temple from the village

Jan 21 1850       John Murray from Buckholm

April 5 1850       Charles Stewart son to William Stewart lately proprietor of Glenormiston

April 7 1850       Lavina A. M. Downie from Traquair

April 16 1850     John Maben son to William Maben carter Innerleithen

April 19 1850     Charles son to John Rae gardener Glenormiston

May 1 1850       James Eckford from Traquair

June 6 1850       George Tait from Bridgend

Aug 23 1850      Andrew Brown from Yarrow

Aug 25 1850      Euphemia Walden from the village

Oct 16 1850      James Stirling from Tweede Bridge

Oct 20 1850      Elizabeth Geddes from the village

Dec 1 1850        Thomas Thomson shoemaker from Bridgend

Feb 15 1851      Robert Smail from the village

April 27 1851     Jane Young from Galashiels

May 18 1851     Euphemia Nicol wife to Michael McLauclane

May 20 1851     James Ormiston from Kirklands

June 20 1851 John Nicol from the Green

July 13 1851      Elizabeth Eckford or Horsburgh of "Geenhead" Innerleithen

Aug 5 1851        Thomas son to John Wilkie

Aug 29 1851      John son to Thomas Anderson

Sept 9 1851       Helen Ormiston wife to John Dobson

Sept - 1851       John son to Thomas Anderson (transcriber's note - yes it did repeat)

Sept 17 1851     Henry son to Robert Laidlaw

Sept 19 1851     Thomas Hogg grandson to Thomas Hogg

Sept 20 1851     Isobella Douglas wife to Willm. Gardener

Oct 25 1851      Marion Tait wife to John Tweedie shepherd Seithope

Nov 20 1851      John Leggat tailor Bridgend

Dec 14 1851      James F (or T?) Sterling son to the late James Stirling from Tweed Bridge Toll

Jan 18 1852       Jane daughter to John Matheson ploughman in Innerleithen

March 8 1852 Walter Dagleish overseer Holilee

March 24 1852 Janet Tait wife to William Brunton

March 27 1852 James Brown wright in Innerleithen

March 28 1852 Agnes Bennet a young child belonging to Thomas Bennet weaver in Innerleithen

May 27 1852     John Euman from Netherhorsburgh

June 22 1852 Thomas Horsburgh Esquire of Horsburgh was interred in Kirkburn burrying ground in Traquair Parish the family burrying ground.

July 18 1852      Susan McClay from old Kirkyard

July 23 1852      John Gibson from Thornylee

July 27 1852      Robert Brown senior from the village

Aug 16 1852      Helen daughter to John Matheson

Sept 12 1852     Ann Anderson wife to James Dobson from Damside was interred, aged 73

Nov 2 1852        Euphemia Shanks wife to Thomas French shepherd in Netherhorsburgh

Jan 18 1853       William Thomson from the village

Feb 7 1853        John Gray from Pirn Hillend

Feb 17 1853      James Turnbull from the Mill

March 11 1853 William Biggar's wife Isobell Best

March 12 1853 Catherine Ferguson from the village

April 22 1853     Ann Smail from the village

May 5 1853       Helen Euman widow of William Thomson

March 18 1853 Elizabeth infant daughter of the Rev. Patrick Booth (transcriber's note - it was out of order)

July 6 1853        Jane Leggat from Bridgend

Sept 7 1853       Isabella Preston from Thornylee

Oct 12 1853      Andrew Euman son to Robert Euman

Oct 18 1853      Thomas Cairncross son to John Cairncross

Dec 1 1853        Margt. Laidlaw oldest daughter of Mr. William Laidlaw Tenant of Horsburgh Castle

Dec 8 1853        James Tait aged 81 years

Dec 17 1853      William Scott from the village

Jan 16 1854       Thomas French from Netherhorsburgh

April 2 1854       Jane Mitchell from the village was interred and also a child belonging to Andrew Tait.

April 4 1854       Isobel Baptie from the Green

April 12 1854     John "Housten" from the village

April 18 1854     Elen Euman from the village

April 30 1854     William Biggar and his daughter Janet from Hillhouses were both interred in one grave.

June 23 1854 Isobella "Mather" from the village

July 15 1854      Francis Braceland from the village

Sept 16 1854     Isobella Sanderson wife of William Tailor

Sept 16 1854  an infant of John Turnbull's

no date? 1854 Marion Davidson daughter of James Davidson

Nov 8 1854        Andrew Bethune son of James Bethune of Leithen Lodge

Nov 17 1854      Wm. Hislop son of James Hislop of Wilson's Mill

Nov 22 1854      Robert Nisbet son of Robert Nisbet Innerleithen


And for those interested here’s the list from 1855:

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