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Diary of Simon Morrison
Our thanks to
Bill McDonald for sending this transcription of an account of a voyage from Scotland to Australia in 1854 into us

Bill added a note to his email to  us...

I believe the original diary is in the library of Monash University in Melbourne. The attached was transcribed some years ago by a very bad typist. I have attempted to correct spelling etc. but here and there are some words which defy me!

My great grandfather followed his sweetheart Margaret Morrison out from Cawdor and they were married in Victoria, Australia. Her parents had emigrated with almost all of their children and around 1900 several of their children moved with their families to New Zealand. My great grandparents also crossed the Tasman sea at the end of their lives, and they are buried in the old cemetery in Bluff where I was born.

Thatís a bit of background for you.

Bill McDonald

Diary of Simon Morrison (A 190k .pdf file)

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