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The Royal Regiment of Scots Dragoons
Now the Scots Greys

AMONGST a number of papers which lately came into the possession of Colonel F. J. Agnew Wallace, late of the Scots Greys, a collection of letters written in the years immediately before the Union by Lord John Hay, Colonel of the Royal Regiment of Scots Dragoons (now the Scots Greys), came to light, and I am indebted to Colonel Wallace for permission to publish a selection of extracts from them. Colonel Wallace is a descendant of the Major Agnew to whom they were written, and it is curious that after so many years the documents should be in the hands of one who had himself commanded the regiment to which they refer. The letters are principally concerned with regimental matters, but Lord John Hay and Major Agnew were personal friends, and after the military affairs are discussed, Lord John fills the paper with social and political news, and as his birth and army rank gave him the intimacy of the prominent men of the time, and as he was writing quite frankly to a trusted correspondent, the letters are often interesting.

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