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Annals of Auchterarder and Memorials of Srathearn
John Brugh, the Warlock of Fossoway

NOT many years after the execution of Alexander Drummond, John Brugh, in the Brae of Fossoway, was brought to trial on a similar charge. Like Drummond, his practice appears to have been extensive, and with his fate before his eyes, it is strange he was nut deterred from exercising his imaginary powers. His residence, though on the other side, of the Ochils and in the parish of Fossoway, being within the ancient Stewartry of Strathearn, the neighbouring parish of Glendevon being also the scene of some of the most gruesome exhibitions of his mystic arts, his case, as well of those of the subsequent Fossoway witches, has been included in the present collection.

Amongst the charms used by John Brugh one was the putting of an enchanted stone into the drink of his patient. This practice had been used in Scotland with the sanction of the Church previous to the Reformation, and appears to have been innocent in itself, but being accompanied by incantations it was thereby brought within the category of sorcery. We are told that Brugh gave a patient "ane enchanted stane of the bignes of a dow eg, advysing him to put the samyn in his drink."

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