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Annals of Auchterarder and Memorials of Srathearn
The Lone Lady of Kildeis

A DRUMMONI) of Kildeis had to leave Scotland for his Jacobite principles. While an exile in France his wife resided at the mansion of Kildeis. After years of exile, on a dark night, a stranger came to the door saying he was benighted, and asking for lodgings. The Lady was called by the sole domestic, who had already refused the request; but the horseman insisted on seeing the mistress of the house to ascertain if she would not accede to granting him the desired hospitality. The Lady told him she was a lone woman, and could on no account think of admitting a stranger at an unseasonable hour, but informed him that be could find lodgings at a change-house in the adjoining village of Muthill. He continued to expostulate, and said he would not take a refusal, and insisted upon getting admission, which the Lady as vigorously declined. At last he leaped from his horse and clasped the Lady in his arms, while uttering the following words :—

"The Lady sae lang has lain her lane,
She kens na the Laird when he's come hame."

The above information was got from an old lady whose grandmother was a Drummond of Kildeis.

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