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Fraser's Scottish Annual
Andrea Farara Swords

THE sword blades of this great cutler are, to this day, much celebrated in Scotland for their excellence. It was conjectured that he had been in Scotland in the time of James IV. or V., who both much patronized foreign artificers, and that he bequeathed his art and name to Scottish swords in general; but there appears no notice whatever of him in the chamberlain's rolls, and other public accounts, and that idea must be abandoned. It has been said that he was a Spaniard, and dwelt at Guiposcoa, and that he had an apprentice, anxious to discover his secret mode of tempering his blades. This lad having made the discovery, by boring a hole through the door, had the imprudence to declare his knowledge of it, and of the mode by which he became acquainted with it, which so enraged Andrea Farara that he instantly ran a sword through his body, and having fled from justice, found refuge in Scotland. Of the truth of this story no proof can be brought. The blades which have his name on them,


on the one side, and on the other


are of Spanish manufacture.

There are others, which are stamped ANDREA FERERA, which are Italian, and must be by a different person, unless the same manufacturer had establishments in both countries. None of the Andrea Farara, or Ferera blades have a form of older date than that in use in England in the time of Henry VIII. There was in the possession of J. H. Allan, a sword of Colonna, purchased, on its arrival from Italy, in 1822, having on each side the words COSMO FERERA, which shows that Andrea was not the only, sword manufacturer in the family.

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