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Lord Elgin
By John George Bourinot (1903)


The late Sir John Bourinot had completed and revised the following pages some months before his lamented death. The book represents more satisfactorily, perhaps, than anything else that he has written the author's breadth of political vision and his concrete mastery of historical fact. The life of Lord Elgin required to be written by one possessed of more than ordinary insight into the interesting aspects of constitutional law. That it has been singularly well presented must be the conclusion of all who may read this present narrative.


Chapter I - Early Career
Chapter II - Political Condition in Canada
Chapter III - Political Difficulties
Chapter IV - The Indemnification Act
Chapter V - The End of the Lafontaine-Baldwin Ministry 1851
Chapter VI - The Hincks-Morin Ministry
Chapter VII - The History of the Clergy Reserves (1791-1854)
Chapter VIII - Seigniorial Tenure
Chapter IX - Canada and the United States
Chapter X - Farewell to Canada
Chapter XI - Political Progress
Chapter XII - A Comparison of Systems
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