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The Scot in British North America
Vol. III Preface

If the writer felt obliged, in courtesy, to express his regrets at the delay, unavoidable though it was, in the issue of the preceding instalment of "The Scot," he is under still greater obligation to do so now. The present section of the work relates exciting political questions of our times, and covers events which have transpired under our own eyes. It is not expected that all readers will agree with every view of a particular issue presented here. Contemporary events can hardly gain the necessary perspective before time has lengthened the vista and softened the coarser colours by the mellowing power of distance. If, however, the writer has succeeded in convincing his readers of a sincere effort at impartiality, and an honest desire to judge independently, with all the information accessible, he will be content that some of them could dispute opinions expressed in these pages. All he can plead is the difficulty of his task; it is not a quiet sunset eve he has been required to limn, but is a busy hive of men moving and toiling around him. The purely geographical portion of the work has been the chief cause of delay and anxiety. At this moment names occur to the memory which should not have been omitted, and such sketches as here given are far from complete, from lack of information. This defect may be, so far as possible, remedied in the concluding volume, by necessary addenda. Meanwhile, with apologies for all unavoidable deficiencies, the writer bids his indulgent readers adieu not finally, but au revoir.

May 5th, 1882.

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